Large Tree Removal

Removing trees is difficult work in general, but large tree removal can be especially dangerous and laborious. Efficiently removing a large tree, requires the skill and knowledge of a certified arborist

At Atlas Tree, our certified arborists specialize a wide range of professional tree management services and are equipped to efficiently and safely remove trees of any size. 

How to Tell If a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Dead or dying trees can pose a danger to people, property, and our community as a whole. The signs that a tree is dangerous and should be removed can vary from species to species, and present as a variety of symptoms depending on the issue. 

Common signs a tree needs to be removed include:

  • Fissures or cracks in the tree limbs or trunk
  • Large hollow cavities
  • Learning or angled trunks
  • Lifted roots or heaving soil
  • Leaf discoloration or loss
  • Brittle or dead branches

Some of the signs that a tree needs to be removed are harder to spot than others. Internal rot, fatal fungal infections, wood-burrowing pest infestations, deep root damage, and many other severe tree health issues can be more difficult to diagnose. 

Through a Tree Health Inspection our certified arborists can easily recognize the subtle warning signs that a tree is in distress and requires personalized care. We can also provide tree risk assessments to determine if a tree is a potential hazard to people or property, and provide proper intervention or removal if rehabilitation is not an option. 

Hire a Professional for Your Tree Removal Services

Successfully removing a tree requires extensive knowledge of how to use tools and equipment, safe cutting techniques, and much more. Attempting to remove trees without the proper knowledge or training increases the risk of property damage, or injury from falling tree limbs, improper equipment use, or the tree itself. Transporting a tree after removal without experience or the required licenses can result in personal liability. 

Safety is our number one goal at Atlas Tree Care and with our professional tree removal services we can minimize the risk of damage to properties, and the potential of personal injury. 

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