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For over 30 years Atlas Tree Surgery has provided the most diversified and highest level of  residential and commercial tree care in the industry.

Our specialties include tree management, tree pruning, tree removal, land clearing, fire hazard reduction, stump removal, green waste reduction, utility line clearance as well as landscape installation and maintenance.

We’re Growing! Atlas has locations throughout California & Southern Oregon, with a vision to be national by the end of the decade.


Family owned and operated, Atlas Tree has truly stood the test of time. Founded by nationally ranked tree climber and Sonoma County native, Rich Kingsborough.

The company has garnered a reputation of tackling any size project with skill and precision. For almost 40 years Atlas Tree continues to elevate the standard of tree care for clients, employees, and the tree care industry. Whatever the project, Atlas has the right personnel and equipment to get it done safely and efficiently every time. The company provides the most diversified and highest level of residential, commercial, and utility tree care in the industry by staffing some of the most knowledgeable arborists and certified tree workers from all over the United States.


In addition to the extensive fleet of vehicles our Atlas crews deploy throughout California, our newest, best-in-class, safety-first, nothing short of REVOLUTIONARY machines include four Sennebogen 718E Forestry Material Handlers, the biggest, baddest convoy west of the Rockies. Think TRANSFORMER + TERMINATOR, and you’ve got a Sennebogen. We pair them with our Albach Diamant 2000’s, the most powerful woodchippers available in their class – which, together, enable us to dismantle trees 10x faster with 10x less equipment and 10x fewer crew.

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