The cornerstone of Atlas Tree, our residential business is what got us started nearly 40 years ago. Our expertly trained, highly knowledgeable, certified arborists work one-on-one with every client to make sure requirements are fully understood and recommendations are appropriate to your needs.

Residential Tree Services from Atlas Tree

Maintaining a happy and healthy house or property is one of the main goals of homeowners everywhere. Home-ownership comes with the important responsibilities of exterior and interior upkeep to keep yourself (and your neighbors) happy. You might be surprised to find that the trees, shrubs, and surrounding landscape on your property should receive the same levels of care that your home does.

Residential tree services — like trimming, pruning, and removal — all require expert care by experienced professionals. Many homeowners add different trees and plants to their yards, without understanding the vital needs of each individual species. The certified arborists at Atlas Tree have been providing residential tree services to residents of Northern California and beyond, for over forty years. Our arborists can help you identify and care for your trees, as well as diagnose any issues they may be experiencing.

Certified Arborists + Arborist Reports

October 19, 2020

To hold the title of a Certified Arborist, a tree care professional must complete and pass comprehensive examinations in the art and science of arboriculture. A certified arborist is dedicated…

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Landscape Installation + Maintenance

October 19, 2020

At first, you might think that all landscapers can perform the same duties as arborists, but this is not true. Traditional landscaping companies are not equipped with the training and…

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Plant Health Care (PHC)

October 19, 2020

Our Plant Health Care program is designed to maintain or improve your landscape’s appearance, vitality, and — in the case of trees — safety, using the most cost-effective and environmentally…

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Stump Removal + Grinding

October 19, 2020

Stump Removal The removal of the entire stump, including the root ball of the tree. The size of the root ball is several times larger than the tree itself. Removing…

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Tree Management

October 19, 2020

The longer-term health and safety of the trees on your property begins with proper tree care. At Atlas Tree Care our team of certified arborists specialize in full-service tree management….

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Others services we provide include:

View Enhancement

We’re lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world with vistas in every direction. We can help improve your view by cutting select trees that will open your view and allow you to take in the beauty of our California vistas.

Dangerous Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is dangerously building adjacent, is hollow or had dead branches, or in any way is deemed to be potentially hazardous, we can help you trim or remove them to ensure your property is safe.

Forest Management

Do you own an acre or more? The Atlas team will work closely with you to put together a plan to protect and maximize the long-term beauty and health of your forest. 


Have you been trimming trees at your property and now need those limbs chipped up? Or are you going to have Atlas come and remove a tree and need the branches removed or chipped? We can help! 

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