Commitment to Safety

Safety and Training are embedded in our culture at Atlas.

We require every tree care specialist that works for Atlas to go through an extended training curriculum at our onsite facility, Academy Trained. Whether it’s utility line clearing, fine pruning, high hazard crane removal, or large-scale clearing projects, our team is trained to handle it all at a very high and skilled level.

In addition, we utilize a 51-point Safety Standards Checklist on every job, keeping the safety of our crew, our customers, and the public at the forefront at all times

STAR Program 

Safety, Training, Assessment & Risk Specialist (STAR) are an integral part of Atlas’ Quality Management System.

STAR’s are highly experienced and trained specialists in tree care operations and safety who make frequent visits to our job sites. and are deployed whenever an actual or perceived safety concern exists.

The Atlas culture of Safety First is built on 5 pillars.

  1. Alignment with the needs of internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Compliance with company and industry rules & standards.
  3. Processes, Policies, and Procedures that steer our people and organization in every action
  4. An Organizational Culture that supports our Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  5. People who take positive individual actions to assure SAFETY FIRST.
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The Atlas Academy Program

At Atlas Tree, we have created the Atlas Academy Program. The Academy is designed to decrease work fatigue, increase safety, and prolong the careers of our tree workers. It includes 50 hours of safety training for climbing, rigging, and equipment operations, and benefits any level of tree worker, from beginners to advanced. 

Our STAR Specialists (Safety, Training, Assessment & Risk Specialist) nurture and reinforce safety and efficiency beyond basic policies and procedures. Our goal at Atlas Tree is to elevate the standard of the industry through safety, training, and innovation.

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