Atlas Tree Safety Standards

At Atlas Tree, Safety Is A Core Value

At Atlas Tree, we take safety very seriously. We staff only the most qualified arborists and tree workers, many of which are already certified or licensed. Additionally, we require each and every one of our tree care specialists to successfully complete extensive training at our own training facility, Academy Trained. At Atlas Tree, we ensure that each of our staff knows exactly what needs to be done well, quickly, and safely.

We also make sure our Atlas Tree teams are equipped with a 51-Point Safety Standards Checklist for every project. This system not only keeps our team safe, but also you, our valued client. Furthermore, this system makes sure that we prepare for any situation and every precaution.

Whether you hire us to prune your fruit tree, manage your large-scale vegetation project, or clear utility lines, our expert tree care professionals are ready to go. Our goal at Atlas Tree is to elevate tree care industry standards through safety, training, and innovation!

The 5 Pillars of Safety at Atlas Tree

  1. COMPANY CULTURE that supports our mission, vision, and core values
  2. COMPLIANCE with company and industry rules and standards
  3. ALIGNMENT with the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  4. PROCESSES, POLICIES, and PROCEDURES that guide our company
  5. PEOPLE who take positive individual actions to assure safety first
atlas safety star specialist

Safety, Training, Assessment, and Risk (STAR)

STAR Specialists are an integral part of the Atlas Tree team

STAR Specialists are highly experienced and trained members of the Atlas Tree staff. They nurture and reinforce safety and efficiency beyond basic policies and procedures. STAR Specialists are deployed to worksites whenever a perceived or actual safety concern appears.

Atlas Tree Academy Trained

Atlas Tree’s Academy Trained is a training program that we developed inhouse. All Atlas Tree arborists and tree workers are required to successfully complete training at Academy Trained. Over the course of 50+ hours, employees learn how to perform tasks effectively and safely, take care of themselves, and prevent work fatigue and burnout. Courses cover topics such as climbing, rigging, and equipment operations, and are a benefit to any tree worker whether beginner or expert.

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